Our Story


At Petal, we believe in a world where the magic and beauty of nature can be enjoyed by all through our flavorful Sparkling Beverage Blends. We create each unique beverage using the finest natural extracts and essences, with just enough organic sweetness and plenty of sparkles. We call our approach botanical alchemy – an intuitive process that tunes us in to the flavor power of each ingredient, guiding us to blend florals, fruits and herbs into the perfect refreshment. Petal comes packed with powerful antioxidants to rock your world in six incredible flavors: Original Rose, Mint Rose, Lychee Rose, Elderberry White Tea Flower, Peach Marigold, and Lemongrass Dandelion. 

Reach for a refreshing can of Petal and you’ll discover something more—a feeling you can sip and a sparkle that doesn’t stop once the can is empty. Petal is the soul sister you find grooving on the dance floor until dawn. The voice that whispers, “You got this!” The wild heart inside each of us. And, best of all, Petal is an invitation to you—to radiate your inner rebel and live your best life.

With Love, From Candice

Visionary founder & CEO of Petal, Candice Crane, plays supermom to three rosy-cheeked rebel girls and lady boss in the workplace. Although raised in Chicago, Candice’s roots take her back to her birthplace, South Africa, where she spent summers surrounded by the beautiful landscape and her amazing family. The idea for creating a line of sparkling botanical beverages was inspired by her two grandmothers and their love for tea. Her grandmother, René, a true rebel who ran away at sixteen to marry the man of her dreams, often sipped rose petal tea and always served different types of teas at afternoon teatime. Grandmother Zelda sewed her own enchanting floral tea blends into sachets. They planted the seeds for Candice to become the botanical alchemist she is today, dedicated to honoring all the florals in the natural “queendom”.

When Candice’s vision blossomed into action, she decided to bottle up her own botanical blends, add some sparkles, and share their goodness with the world. In 2017, she drew on her background in production and marketing and founded Petal, an organic sparkling beverage company focused on organic goodness – to celebrate the rebels and romantics who inspire her – and to empower women everywhere to make their own dreams come true.